[Download Program] [View Source Code]Interchange Control No:Transactionset Control No:ShipTo Name:BillTo NamePaste sample EDI X12 810 4010Segment CountGroup Control No:Item CountInvoice No:Invoice Date: There were errors detected in the EDI file. Translating an EDI X12 810 Invoice This sample program is only a demonstration to show how one can easily use the Framework EDI component to translate an EDI file. The component manages the arduous detail of the EDI file structure so that programmers translating EDI files can just simply "map" the properties of the component into output variables. In this example, the inbound mapping is from the component's data element properties to the web page form fields. The advantages of having the mapping done at the source code level (as compared to at an application level) are flexibility, robustness and accuracy. EDIdEv - EDI Development www.edidev.com