Framework EDI (FREDI) installation

Installing FREDI involves the following few steps:

  1. Download the latest version of FREDI from our Customer Support Website at
  2. Read the license agreement.  If you agree, select Accept, then click Next.
  3. Follow the instructions on each screen.

When FREDI is installed successfully, you should see in the Windows Program browser, a program group "EDIdEv Development Kit" with three utilities: eFilemanager, eAnalayzer and the SEF Manager along with  some sample programs, and the Help Documentation.  For the FREDI Enterprise Edition, two additional utilities are included: eSecurityConsole and ISAPI Extension Console.  The FREDI COM files are installed in the BIN subdirectory of the target path that you had specified. These DLL files are what your application will be accessing when processing EDI files.

When upgrading, these files will overwrite older versions of existing files. Some files are dependent on other files so certain files have to be installed and registered before the dependent file is installed. Depending on the product, some or all of the following files are installed.

File Name Description
Edidev_SEC.dll Standard Error Code reference component
Edidev_UN1AD02B.dll UN/EDIFACT codes description (Self-Register)
Edidev_UNDED.dll UN/EDIFACT reference library (Self-Register)
Edidev_X121A4012.dll ASC/X12 codes description (Self-Register)
Edidev_X12DED.dll ASC/X12 reference library (Self-Register)
Edidev_Dictionary.edb Standard Reference Library database
Edidev_Dictionary.dll Standard Reference Library component (Self-Register)
Edidev_SEF.dll Standard Exchange Format component (Self-Register)
Edidev_SEF.tlb Type library for Edidev_SEF.dll.
fredi.dll Framework EDI core component (Self-Register)
fredi.tlb Framework EDI type library
frediAs2Isapi.dll Framework EDI ISAPI Extension (Enterprise Edition Only)
EDIdEv.FrameworkEDI.NET.dll Framework EDI .NET Hybrid
Edidev_SDK_RunOnce.exe Installer Run-Once utility
EDIdEvHelp.chm EDIdEv Online Help Documentation
Edidev_eFileManager.exe EDI file manager utility.
Edidev_SefManager.exe SEF file manager utility. 
Edidev_eAnalyzer.exe EDI file analyzer utility.

For FREDI Enterprise Edition, the following additional files are installed.

eSecurityConsole.exe Security utility (Enterprise Edition Only)
frediIsapiConsole.exe Framework EDI ISAPI utility (Enterprise Edition Only)
Edidev_ScGen_CSharp.dll Source Code generator for C#
Edidev_ScGen_Delphi.dll Source Code generator for Borland Delphi
Edidev_ScGen_MFC.dll Source Code generator for MFC
Edidev_ScGen_VB6.dll Source Code generator for VB6
Edidev_ScGen_VbNet.dll Source Code generator for VB .NET
Edidev_ScGen_VFox.dll Source Code generator for Visual FoxPro

For more information on how these components are installed see Configuring Components

Components Relationship